Residential Property Investment has seen significant growth as amateur landlords and experienced investors compete for properties to grow their respective portfolios. Recent changes to tax legislation have also driven borrowers in to limited companies.

Liquidity has increased with new to market lenders in the form of Challenger Banks and peer-to-peer lenders providing opportunities to experienced and new or accidental landlords to retain, to build and grow portfolios. Properties that suit residential investment finance include apartments, houses and HMO's (houses in multiple occupation).

Funding can be arranged as an individual, partnership or via a linited company. Offshore borrowers also remain active. Average loan-to-values are around 70% with 80% possible if the interest cover is strong. Interest only is standard. A recent example of a completed deal is:

  • Fund raise to enable the purchase of residential properties in Battersea, London;

    • Speed was critical, delivered in 4 weeks.

    • Loan of £2,200,000.

    • The pricing achieved was 3.00% per annum with a 1% arrangement fee.

    • Interest only profile over 10 years.

    • Our entrepreneur property client is new a repeat customer of Conduit Finance.

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