We understand how business and personal finance interact

Conduit Finance are the only advisory firm that can professionally manage your business and personal finance together. Our unique oversight into both aspects of your finances allows us to enable you to maximise business profits, and make informed decisions for the benefit of you and your family. 

We can help outside the reach of traditional banks and can make things happen where others can't. Our position in the market means we can access a wide range of private banks, to ensure our clients get the best pricing. 

Being an entrepreneur or running your own business can sometimes mean our clients have complex financial affairs or circumstances. We are able to help borrowers whose requirements are outside of the traditional.   In a space where finance is complicated and the best products are hard to find, we will design the right solution for you.  We offer a fully personalised service on a one to one basis. 

Conduit Finance are able to identify and connect our clients with suitable lenders that offer something unique.  This has included for previous clients, differing types of income acceptable for mortgage borrowing or the ability to secure a super lean interest rate.    

We can also offer a restructuring service for large portfolios, bank advisory for private banking and debt forgiveness solutions.  

For further information about the services offered by Conduit Private Finance, call 0131 564 0172 or email Stuart@ConduitFinance.com