Fast, flexible loans that help you create value

Many of our developer clients currently have more opportunities than they have liquid cash. They are invariably advancing multiple lucrative projects simultaneously which soaks up both time and money. 

In response to demand from developers, land speculators, strategic land buyers and architects we created a product which has until now, not been widely available in the UK. It works well for developers working on conversions, or on land sites for new build property. It can be utilised in a range of ways such as strategic land, master planning, a modification of a current consent or a change of use. 

As PLC land buyers seek sites that are more advanced before they purchase, the costs to promote a site are higher. Timescales can also be longer than anticipated which locks up much needed cash. A loan can be used to cover direct and indirect planning costs. It can be secured, semi-secured or unsecured depending on the project or current lender security structure. 

Funds can be released quickly, and paid to you or directly to the consultants who are handling your consent. We can also quickly refund costs you may have already incurred. The loan is issued as one tranche and the interest, along with the capital element, repaid when the site secures planning consent. At that point, you can repay the loan from your own resources or roll it in to the development finance facility. 

Each loan is different so the overall cost of the loan varies. The loan cost components consist of an arrangement fee and a fixed interest return. If the loan breaches it’s agreed term, then a default interest rate would apply, much like other loan types. 

Please complete our short enquiry form and one of the team will contact you the same day with indicative figures and a summary of the information we need to approve the loan. If required be funds can often be released in 7 days if the information we need is readily available. 

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