Finance for Land with or without planning consent. 

We are engaged by an increasing number of borrowers to assist with funding for Land acquisition.  Land finance can be a term loan, an overdraft or more commonly bridging finance. In most instances the borrowers requirement is for speed and certainty of delivery.  It could be land with planning permission being purchased to develop out or land with no planning that is being acquired to achieve a future gain.

When completing a purchase there are opportunities to be funded 100% against the purchase price if the loan to value is 65% or less. We recently completed the purchase of a land site for £2.3m on this basis. 

Here is a recent example of a completed deal;

  • Purchase of land site without planning in the South of England.
  • Lender worked off of Market Value as opposed to Purchase Price which significantly reduced the equity into the deal from the client.
  • Site to be purchased was in the local development plan and the client is to progress to full planning during the 18-month loan term.
  • Client was very experienced in the sector.
  • Deal completed in under 6-weeks.
  • 60% net loan to value, Interest and fees added to the loan. 
  • Sale of the site to a Housebuilder will form the exit for the loan.
  • Key to the facility was the minimal equity required from the client on the purchase.

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