Low Cost Development Finance
Rates from 2% to 4% p/a, 1.5% arrangement fee, 1.5% of debt exit fee, £500k - £1m.

Low Rate SME Loan
2.50% to 4.50%, £50k to £3m, up to 75% LTV, UK wide.

Infrastructure Finance
£1m to £20m, 9% to 15% p/a, 2% lenders fee, UK wide.

Fast Land Bridge
Funds in 2-4 weeks, 0.81% per month, £1m-£5m, land with planning.

High LTV Land Finance
1%-3% arrangement fee, 0.8%-1.2% per month, 50%-70% LTV, funds in 2 weeks.

100% Residential Development
All purchase and build costs, 5% interest rate, 35% of profit to lender, no personal guarantees.

High gearing, with no personal guarantee.
85% gross LTC, 1% arrangement fee, 6% fixed rate, 1% exit fee on debt.