Online Property Finance Brokerage Delivers

Photo by Yola Watrucka/iStock / Getty Images

When you want to move fast you need options. By using online property finance brokerage our client secured a market beating facility at 0.85% per month, and it was done quickly. Time pressure was a factor with the change in tax laws due on the 1st of April.  

By controlling the process the borrower was able to personally select the most suitable lender for his needs based on pricing, loan to value and geography. He selected a flexible lender who was new to market, which helped him secure the loan without the need for lengthy application forms or multiple layers of lenders underwriting. 

The lender had been recently added on to the platform so the borrower benefited from a new to market lender, despite the funder having limited profile at the time. Providing borrowers with access to best in market pricing is something we do every day. Our research team are constantly speaking to new and established lenders to understand how they can offer our property developer and landlord clients the best possible deal every time they need to borrow. 

Having delivered the desired loan quantum with a lenders fee of 1.00% and at an interest rate of 0.85% per month with no exit fee, our client was extremely happy.  

By ensuring the process moved along swiftly on both sides of the transaction, the deal was completed in 4 weeks. 

We now look forward to assisting this borrower with long term finance, as we work to launch the new property investment component of Property Finance Finder. 

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