Residential Development Finance – Latest Funding Prices

Having returned to the UK after working overseas, it is clear that the property development finance market is quickly evolving.  The widespread under supply of housing is supported by huge demand from occupiers and investors alike. 

The various sub-sectors are all equally active, with student housing and private rented sector both at the forefront.  As such the lending market is evolving by the day, with more and more liquidity coming into the market.  Loan to costs are increasing, while pricing is compressing.

We have seen an increase in the number of lenders active in this sector.  Retail banks are providing rates as low as 2.50%, and stretched senior lenders can provide attractive loan to cost facilities at 90%. 

This week we have received several telephone calls from newly active lenders looking to deploy capital into the UK residential development finance market.  Most of these lenders are backed by private equity funds or family offices seeking income yield.

Lender type                    Loan to cost                Lenders fee             Rate pa              Exit fee
Family office                    100%                            2.00%                       7.00%                 0% of profit
High LTC 1                       90%                             1.00%                        10.00%                1.00% of debt
High LTC 3                      85%                              1.50%                        6.50%                 1.00% of GDV
Lean pricing 1                  65%                              1.00%                        3.00%                 0.00%
Lean pricing 2                 50%                             0.50%                        2.50%                 0.00%

2016 is likely to be an active year for lending in the UK, with 2015 having seen the highest levels of property finance since 2006.  We would anticipate that there will be an inevitable increase in the lenders risk appetite, and a reduction in the net cost of finance as lenders compete for transactions.

If you have any requirements we can directly quote for, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me by email or phone below.

Sean Crombie
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