Edinburgh Rugby Invest in leadership for growth.

Retired fly half – Duncan Hodge looked to breathe life back into the depleted Edinburgh squad with methods that could be mirrored in the investment market.

Playing predictable and one dimensional forwards rugby over the past three years, Edinburgh rugby have failed to make the top six in the pro 12 since, causing them to lose seven of their past eight games.

Their perceived strength was in the forcefulness, organisation and the intensity of their pack, but even those assets have proved questionable since the start of the season.

A win in the Edinburgh camp last weekend against Treviso tremendously lifted spirits, sending Edinburgh rugby on the road to recovery. As Edinburgh fans we’ve suffered our fair share of defeats, and like Hodge we know there are lessons to be learned before any sustained improvements can be made by any of the investors.

Like Edinburgh rugby, the market can only improve if responsibility is accepted by the investors who are able to make the changes.

When asked by the BBC about accepting the need for changes Hodge said; ‘I don’t think the guys are playing anywhere near their potential. We accept that. I accept responsibility for that as well. I’ve been here nine months.’

In the investment market, in order to get the market, back up and running people need to be prepared to accept the responsibility, face the challenge by taking larger risks.

There is ‘No lack of Hunger’ to fix things in the Edinburgh camp. The aftermath of Alan Solomon leaving his role as head coach, after starting the season with three defeats in four matches, this Scottish youth stepped up last weekend. Post team selection, Hodge told the Pro12, http://www.pro12rugby.com/, ‘More than anything, I want these young boys to step up and be the best they can be’, each and every one of them brought triumph to the Edinburgh side, arresting and reversing the losing run. It’s long overdue.

What Hodge realises is that different skills and spirit were needed to make the changes and be successful. In the business world, this means finding the right team of people to make the change and aid success. Having the right team working together to achieve one goal is dynamic.

Acting head coach Duncan Hodge knows and plans to achieve much more in the near future with the young players he is beginning to nurture on this victorious road. During an interview with the Pro12, http://www.pro12rugby.com/, Hodge said ‘We saw this game as a chance to get back to winning ways. There is still so much to do. There’s a lot of great things at the club but everyone else marches on and improves and we’ve got to do likewise.’ He knows there is still a lot more to give, sitting back and hanging up their boots is not an option for anyone of the Edinburgh rugby players or coaches.

Just like in the rugby world, knowing your market and using local knowledge is essential in the investment market. As the saying goes ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail.’

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